Superior Formulation - Solvent-Free Liquid Silicone Roof Coating

Key Features:

 100% Waterproof

 Cool Roofing helps lower utility bills

 Strongest adhesion with all types of substrates

 Extends roof life and reduces maintenance costs

 Extremely durable, weather-resistant, and highly UV resistant

EnerFlex SP 200 is an innovative Solvent-Free Liquid Silicone Roof Coating. It is a single- component elastomeric silicone polymer roof coating that creates an impenetrable and seamless membrane, acting not only as waterproofing but also as a cool roof coating. This coating forms a monolithic membrane that adheres 100% to the substrate. It can be easily applied using a brush, roller, or airless spray in a single coat without forming any bubbles or cracks. The advanced formulation enables it to retain elasticity even at low temperatures. Without containing any solvents or Isocyanates, EnerFlex SP 200 can be applied to almost all types of substrates. Its superior waterproofing, cool roofing, and UV-resistant properties make it the best silicone roof coating.

Frequently Ask Questions – FAQ’s

It is formulated to waterproof even against ponding water, and its cool roofing feature helps reduce energy costs and utility bills, making it an eco-friendly and sustainable product.

It forms the strongest possible bond by chemically reacting and bonding with the substrate. This results in expansion and contraction of the roof structure, eliminating the chances of debonding. Additionally, its innate hydrophobic nature makes it last longer, even against ponding water.