BUR Roof Restoration

Amongst various types of Bitumen membranes used for roofing, most common are torch applied, granulated membranes and modified bitumen. In the case of restoration of any type of bitumen roof, most important step is to clean the existing surface by pressure washing and apply primer. Primer is commonly used on top of bitumen surface to act as bleed-block. Any cracks, corners, penetration or ponding areas are treated and repaired either using EnerSeal Tape or EnerSeal XB sealant. At the end, the entire roof is coated using any of ENERCON liquid silicone roof coating.

STEP 1 – Wash the Roof

bitumen 1

STEP 2 – Repair the Cracks

bitumen 2

STEP 3 – Apply the Primer

bitumen 3

STEP 4 – Apply ENERCON Silicone Coating

bitumen 4